Retail Finance with Money Solutions UK

Offer Credit to Customers

Money Solutions UK can offer you a range of retail finance solutions for retailers of all sizes who want to offer credit to their customers. Our aim is to give your customers more freedom in choosing how they pay for goods and services. We also aim to help retailers who are looking to offer finance to their customers with transparent advice on the variety of retail finance solutions available to you in the marketplace. Offering retail finance is a great way to enhance your sales potential. At Money Solutions UK we can provide the expertise for you to make the best decision about your business needs and providing credit to your customers.

As well as this Money Solutions UK can also offer you Retail Finance solutions in a Business-to-Business context enabling you to boost corporate sales.

Retail Credit Solutions

Whether you sell online or in store, we can offer businesses a full range of retail finance solutions including traditional, point of sale, Interest free credit or interest bearing options. Traditional retail credit products such as interest free credit or buy now pay later, enable retailers to improve their sales by giving customers choice in how they pay for goods and services.

Money Solutions UK can also help businesses all over the UK who perhaps can't get a relationship with the mainstream retail finance companies offer credit or loans as an alternative to cash or credit card purchases.

Clients can apply for finance through our secure application forms which can be linked to your website and is is available as soon as you have registered your business with us. There is sometimes a nominal admin fee to set you up on the system but this may be offset by commissions on completed business. The on-line submission process is also very user friendly for your customers.

Getting Help with Retail Finance

We offer a variety of terms and APRs to suit the needs of each individual customer. You will deal with people that have extensive experience in the retail finance and consumer lending industry. We understand what you want and will give you an honest appraisal of what your options are. We can assist you in setting up an interest free retail finance facility or can provide alternatives if this is not currently available to you.